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About Us

This agency was born ten years ago, after a lot of experience in other real estate agents in the area, with the intention of fulfilling my dream: make available to others, my passion for homes!
My passion for this work has the natural reflex to listen, understand and advise clients in the best possible way to make the right choice.

“Buy a home is not like buying a pair of shoes” I always say!

I always try to assess each property from all points of view: parameters / commercial value, location, level of quality, atmosphere, as if I were to buy it! for better advise the customer, while respecting its needs and tastes.

With my experience and knowledge of the market, I make a careful choice of properties to offer, I follow the customer in all the processes of sale until the deed and if necessary also in a follow-up service, which may be the rent of the property if you bought as an investment, care of the property if it is purchased as a second home and needs routine maintenance, and everything related to “the world of the property.”

Word of mouth or the testimonials, are my business card!

Our service will be full, fair, transparent and timely.

Susanna Remi (Titolare Agenzia Passepartout)

I Nostri Servizi

(Property hunter)

  • meeting in the office and choice through video to better understand your needs and tastes
  • first visit of properties selected to refine the search (the distance from a busy street, for example, may be a matter that is not initially considered and then instead become a priority!)
  • appointments more targeted  and detailed


  • when we have found the property, we do all the inspections of the property;
  • we will set a proposal that, if the negotiation is successful, it will turn into a preliminary agreement
  • registration of the preliminary contract, at zero expenses, only those required by law
  • advice of all professionals needed: from technical, to the bank for the best mortgage at the notary…


  • especially in cases of second home, we can provide assistance about the house for 365 days a year;
  • known established professionals in each sector from the plumber, the electrician, the blacksmith, the mason, the gardener …
  • assistance in volture utilities
  • if requested, we handle the seasonal hiring in touch and in agreement with the owner of the house


Maarten, of Dutch origin, as well as being one of my client of 2005, is the precious eye and the heart of the “customer” who wants to buy it here on Lake Garda and does not know how, where and to whom to trust and why can help to remove any kind of uncertainty. He lives and works in Italy for 15 years, knows the Italian, and of course English, Dutch and German and any procedure related to this sector.


If you decide that you need more space or vice versa, but do not know where to start because first of all you have to sell your house and it is often a cat chasing its tail!, We can set up a job that IT certainly will not be short-term and it will need constant and continuous monitoring of the properties. It is not easy but not impossible, as you can see from the experience of Vittorio and Eliana that you find in the “testimonials”.


After an assessment of the property and its potential, we evaluate, according to the budget prepared by the owner, how to intervene to increase the ability to sell the property at the best price and in a reasonable timeframe: can be enough sometimes several precautions, both internal and external to “dress” at the best the house before an appointment; other times it is necessary to prepare a rendering of the potential restructuring eg. for the rustic;
or do small jobs, to refresh / improve the bright and welcoming home. Often invest a few hundred euro, it can be used to earn more in the sale!

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